The Abacus Coin: Thinking Beyond Cryptocurrency

abacusAbacus Coins, unlike other Crypto Currencies, have their basis in real world mathematical challenges. As opposed to solving crypto-graphical problems, with the sole result being a Coin or block of Coins; the Abacus Coin mining process produces not only Coins as rewards, but also answers to real world mathematical problems that hold value in themselves.

Why waste endless computing power on solving algorithms when there’s so much more to discover. Instead of mining to solve cryptography that has no further use, Abacus Coins are mining to solve questions we don’t yet have the answers to. Mining Abacus Coins actually helps us become more intelligent as a whole. It could even lead to brand new discoveries across many fields of science, but probably most notably Physics due to its heavy reliance on mathematical equations.

The entire universe is in balance, and somewhere out there is an equation that we can use to quantify the very fabric of the cosmos. There is literally no ceiling to what we could achieve together! Every time a problem is solved, a more complex one is introduced. We will never run out of problems to solve there is an infinite amount. As long as we keep mining Abacus Coin we will always make new discoveries!

What is the difference? Well it would help to understand the value of these answers, if you knew who had an interest in them and how they are used. Are you aware that the American D.O.D pays $1,000,000 for the discovery of new large prime numbers? Just one of the mathematical problems that Abacus Coin mining will produce answers to are new ‘Large Primes’ so valuable as they are used in encryption and cryptography for security purposes.

The Abacus Coin mining process will also calculate ‘Ternary Complementary Pairs’ which are used in complex systems such as LADAR, RADAR, Airship and Missile guidance systems, as well as host of other applications. Companies and governments pay anywhere from thousands to millions dependent on the complexity of the problem solved and the importance of its practical application. It will also produce Hadamar Matrises, which are immensely complex mathematical objects.


Find out more: www.theabacuscoin.com

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One comment on “The Abacus Coin: Thinking Beyond Cryptocurrency
  1. The primary difference between Abacus and other Altcoin’s are :

    · Answers to real world mathematical problems that hold value in themselves.

    · Miners potentially will be able to choose what problem’s they would like solve.

    · How will the dividends from a sold problem be distributed, it’s very simply your coin that you have mined from solving that problem will be attached to that problem so you receive a share of that dividend “No Guaranteed that any or all problems will be purchased”

    · How much of the dividend is shared ” the dividend is divided between Abacus and the miners ” with our cut of the dividend we will be re-investing it into our back bone.

    · A proof-of-work that is scientifically significant, and relies on novel technology that has substantially more power than the BOINC-based Gridcoin and others.

    · The Abacus Coin is something that is highly valuable to mathematical research, which means that it has the value of any other coin, that is the proof-of-work, in addition to the inherent value in the POW algorithm.

    · Mining reduction and finality will be achieved once tertiary searches for H(37) are finished. This gives a long lifetime to the coin with integrated difficulty increases inherent to the calculations required.

    · This is a unique proof-of-work (Hadamard matrices) secured by the scrypt algorithm, though NOT BASED ON IT AS P.O.W.

    · Abacus Coin has inherent value due to its scientific significance.

    · Compared to other coins that are based on existing BOINC technology. Abacus Coin is an evolving technology that will have FPGA and GPU support published Sooner than Later allowing for significantly increased computing power.

    · Block SIze, this is based on how quickly computations are performed, at a rate of one block every k/k+100 calculations, where k is the number of previous blocks.

    · Outside Mining, Users will be able to mine outside of the cloud, though this feature is still under development for a user-friendly Abacus Coin miner. The coins will be confirmed by secondary and tertiary passes; these are simpler calculations that can be achieved by users with CPU miners and GPU Miners

    Next Generation Coin:

    Second generation of Crypto Coins consists of those with valid proof of work, not simply name power and new crypto algorithms. Those were the basis, this is the future and to say that it’s not unique is somewhat incorrect since the other coins are two existing technologies and power grids hooked together, whereas ours is a novel, more powerful, centralized power structure, significantly more effective in solving the correct problems that valued to the academics.

    The FPGA support alone is far more powerful than large portions of the BOINC network.

    Long Term Goals and Services for Abacus Coin :

    ABACUS PAYMENT PROCESSING “PayPal for all Crypto Currencies”

    · Provide a soup to nuts transaction processing network

    · Provide the physical layer via dial-up and internet

    · Provide authentication and verification

    · Provide record management & Storage

    · Provide first and second world compliance and regulatory infrastructure compliance

    · Provide folio maintenance record capture and lawful servicing

    · Fraud protection based on protocol compliance set by our framework

    Abacus Payment processing is a venture to have our coins accepted in the market for high streets outlets and online transactions within a joint Venture with a USA Underline processing carrier and http://www.CryptoCoinsConnect.com which will be launched later 2014.

    Market Cap for Payment processing is in the Trillions so there is a large enough Market for Abacus to Enter securely and with stability.

    We Currently have International Calling Cards and Sip Accounts service provider ready to accept the Abacus Coin.

    We are working on a Personal and Business Phone Services including Broadband Packages along with Mobile Packages for the UK and USA which will be accepting The Abacus Coin as payment.

    With Joints Venture with the new Crypto Social Media Platform http://www.crytpocoinsconnect.com very soon you will be able to purchase services and goods with The Abacus Coin via there Platform.

    One Key Market area which is used day to day is the wholesale telecommunications market many countries have high banking fees or have issues getting money or out we will be focusing on our efforts to this sector which will create a huge demand for The Abacus Coin due payment sizes will be anything from 50$ to 250,000$ the fees generated from this transactions will be re-invested into the platform to gain more advances and dividends shares with coin Holders.

    Each coin is backed by real world, income and business.

    As the coin continues to grow and gain value, the value produced by the coin will continue to grow due to investment growth.

    Dividends are paid back to coin holders by The Abacus Coin via Cryptic coins or fiat currency as per the coin requests.

    During the startup phase The Abacus Coin will attempt to create broad interest in the coin and the business model. The goal will be to offer Pre-Buying of Cloud Hashing Before the Official, in order to bring quick capital in, and deliver maximum value to early adopters.

    Unlike any other coin on the market, as time goes on, real-world users will be able to exchange our The Abacus Coin for services and products that are being produced at our real world locations.

    We are Working closely to find Exchanges in as many countries as possible to make it more localised for coin holders to buy or sell coins.

    Marketing Strategy which is the most important Key to the Success of The Abacus Coin and more Dividends to Coin Holders.

    Launching our Services and Providing Cloud Hashing we will be paying out 50% of the Cloud Hashing Fee to our Affiliate network and at the end of every Quarter we will giving dividends to the coin holders on the revenues from the Cloud Hashing. So this is simply a win win situation for Coin Holders.

    The Abacus Coin Holders are investing within themselves for a longevity just as if your buying shares in any business.

    Pre-Purchase and Start mining before the Official Launch.
    “Mining Abacus Coins solves questions we don’t yet have the answers to”


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