The Dark Horse Gains a Bit of Gravity

frankoThe world of cryptocurrency is a competitive place driven by profit margins. In the past there was a particular problem with Bitcoin miners hopping pool to get the most profit for mining Bitcoin. In present day, the problem has evolved into larger mining-pools, also known as multipools, using specialized software to automatically mine the most profitable cryptocurrency. This mining tactic is similar to strip mining. While each coin has a profitability to mine, based on difficulty and current exchange rate, multipools can automatically target a cryptocurrency and retarget once a more profitable cryptocurrency is available. This is a great way to mine, however this is also a great way to demolish the exchange rate of a cryptocurrency.  For Franko, that problems stops today. On the most recent update, Franko has introduced the Kimoto Gravity Well first created by Megacoin.

The lead developer for Megacoin, Dr. Kimoto Chan, saw the multipool problem ahead of time and devised a brilliant algorithm to ward off the adverse side effects left over from the multipool strip mining. The Kimoto Gravity Well dynamically adjusts the level of work it takes to secure the network each time a miner confirms a transaction within the network. For example, let’s say a large multipool targets a cryptocurrency with Kimoto Gravity Well. The first thing that happens is network will increase the amount of work it takes to confirm a mined transaction. The second thing that happens, that same multipool re-targets a different cryptocurrency and they leave the network, the Kimoto Gravity Well will make it easier to confirm transactions for miners who are still in the network. This maximises the efficiency of coin production, stabilizes transaction times, and incentivizes people to secure the network long term.

Franko decided to add the Kimoto Gravity Well after battling with the hard times caused by multipools for over 7 months. The lead developer Christopher Franko said in an interview”

“After many months wrestling with the same problem over and over, it was just time for a change. I studied the gravity well when Dr Kimoto Chan first released it and wanted to give it some time before adding it to FRK. Now that its time tested, I see that its a perfect fit”.

The Kimoto Gravity Well update for Franko is scheduled at block 400,000 which should happen any day now. For those with the Franko Client, please be sure download and install the update before sending or receiving any FRK.

Client Downloads:


Linux Mirror

Windows Mirror

written by Heather Edwards

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