The Silk Road Responds To Atlantis’ Shutdown

shysterJust a few hours after the online black market, Atlantis, announced it was shutting it’s doors for good. The Silk Road issued the following statement:

Atlantis was good for Silk Road and the community at large and I am sad to see it go. Yes they were a bit cocky and aggressive, but they never crossed the line and did anything unethical, and they served their customers well. They reminded us in the Silk Road administration that to stay #1, we have to be constantly thinking of our users and how to serve them best and can not take for granted your loyalty.

There has been more than one occasion where I have wanted to quit as well. Without going into details, the stress of being DPR is sometimes overwhelming. What keeps me going is the understanding that what we are doing here is more important than my insignificant little life. I believe what we are doing will have rippling effects for generations to come and could be part of a monumental shift in how human beings organize and relate to one another.

I have gone through the mental exercise of spending a lifetime in prison and of dying for this cause. I have let the fear pass through me and with clarity commit myself fully to the mission and values outlined in the Silk Road charter. If you haven’t read it yet, please do. Here is the link:

“(link omitted. If you want to visit The Silk Road, do so at your own risk)” – CryptoSource

The bottom line is… Silk Road is here to stay so long as there is breath in my lungs, a spark in my mind, and fire in my heart. I know many of you in this community feel the same way and is an honor to stand beside you here.

Lastly, to anyone considering opening another market, you WILL face unexpected challenges one way or another, and if you don’t have the conviction to overcome them then your efforts will likely be in vain. And please open up a dialogue with me if you do open another site. Even competitors can talk from time to time on friendly terms đŸ™‚

Atlantis admins, if you are reading this, I hope you stick around and contribute as you are able.


What are your thoughts on this whole situation?

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5 comments on “The Silk Road Responds To Atlantis’ Shutdown
  1. I feel strong that DPR is exactly the sort of “evangelist” and “religious zealot” of security, privacy and personal liberty that the “cyber punk” movement needs in this increasingly disparate and disturbing time for freedom and privacy (re: 2013 Snowden leaks, increasing nation state surveillance etc.)

    His commitment to his cause is admirable regardless of his means of doing so, I believe anyone who feels strongly about privacy and liberty would agree.

  2. mememe says:

    they are down!!!! i had 500 in bitcoins on there… now what? i cant afford this…

  3. CryptoMaster says:

    Shut down and more than 26000 Bitcoins seized! WOW! Wonder how this will affect BTC prices…

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