tradingOne of the more exciting things you can do with cryptocurrencies at the moment is trade them. Similar to the stock market, you can trade one currency for another and hope the value increases in order to accumulate value faster. Trading can take some practice though. We don’t suggest putting all your eggs in one basket and also suggest you start off slow to get the hang of things before starting to throw some real money around. Sign up for a few sites and get the hang of things, look for patterns and trends and educate yourself on each coin before you make a decision.

If you simply want to trade Bitcoin and play with the BTC/USD price, the biggest exchange is currently MT. GOX.

Digitalcoin has announced the release of an exclusive exchange for Digitalcoin and Argentum which should be live in the coming months.

If you want to trade Bitcoins for alternate currencies, we have listed the current exchanges that are available to you below:

  • BTC-E (One of the largest and most popular exchanges. Lots of volume for quick trades. (BTC, LTC, NMC, NVC, TRC, PPC, FTC)
  • Cryptsy (Largest and fastest exchange for most other alternate currencies)
  • CryptoAve (Nice custom exchange allowing for trading of USD, BTC, LTC, PPC, DGC, SRC & ARG)
  • Vircurex (Currently trading 12 currencies)
  • BTer (small exchange supporting LTC, CNC, FRC, FTC, BQC, BTB, WDC)
  • Coins-E (Similar to Cryptsy listing tons of alt coins, but much lower volume)
  • Crypto-Trade (Currently supporting BTC, LTC, NMC, XPM, PPC, TRC, FTC, DVC, WDC, DGC & CNC)
  • McxNow (Nice small exchange. Very fast and very pretty.)
  • Cryptonit (Small exchange with low volume supporting BTC, LTC, FTC, PPC, NVC, TRC, NMC)
  • Crypto.st (Small exchange supporting BTC, LTC & FTC)

This list will be updated as more exchanges are added. Have fun!

If you want to get familiar with crypto trading lingo, take a look at CoinPursuit’s glossary.