Worldcoin Financial Services Announced

worldcoinPretty much the only coin making the headlines for the past two weeks, has been Bitcoin. We have been witness of massive price changes, both upwards and downwards. A lot of people claimed it to be “the end of the world for altcoins”. Yada-yada. They couldn’t have been further from the truth however. Some altcoins are still pushing forward, even in these volatile times.

One of those coins is Worldcoin. You may , or may not, have heard of it. What Worldcoin is doing is something most altcoin developers wouldn’t even consider. This is not a regular mine, pump and dump coin. Even though plenty of people have attempted to dump the prices down , Worldcoin gets right back up with its head held high.

But enough with the general stuff, we want something newsworthy! How many Cryptocoins with actual real life purposes can you name, off the top of your head? Well, there’s Bitcoin, albeit limited. Oh, and there’s….uhm…well… Exactly, none. Not anymore though. Soon you can add Worldcoin to that list.

What on earth makes me say that, you think? Well, I for one do pay attention when things are being unveiled slowly. Have you heard of “Scharmbeck”? No, you probably haven’t, because you weren’t paying attention. It’s a good thing the world (no pun intended) has people like the owners of this site, and myself, to keep you people up-to-date.

So what is this “Scharmbeck”? Well, for starts, it’s a Twitter account related to Worldcoin. Or, well, not just to Worldcoin, but more specifically to the Worldcoin Financial Services. There is also the website, Scharmbeck.com, which is intentionally not revealing anything as of right now. It wouldn’t be fun to spoil the surprise, would it?

However, there is one thing about the Worldcoin Financial Services I can share with you, without spoiling anything. A FinCen registration application has been sent. Without going into too much technical detail, this can mean several things, or maybe none of these. Only time will tell, but here are a few of the options :

– Worldcoin will be a virtual currency which can be traded against FIAT, most likely the US Dollar

– Worldcoin will be an official currency , and be used in both online, and real life payment gateways

There are the two most obvious consequences, but as I am no expert on FinCen, it might go an entire direction entirely. We’ll have to wait and see what happens. If I were you, I would keep an eye on that Twitter account!

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2 comments on “Worldcoin Financial Services Announced
  1. SayNoToUNOCS2.0 says:

    UNOCS 2.0??

  2. BlockReward says:

    1 – All irc chats direct you to stop talking about DISinfo without providing credibility towards all worldcoin claims.
    2- registering with FINCEN means nothing – YOU READING THIS can do it too, just check out their website
    3 – merely registering does not guarantee approval. Remember casascius “coin”? State-by-state (Does premine cover this???)
    4 – check out the network stats
    5 – new “wallet app” is merely a crudely done mspaint graphic.
    6 – enjoy losing your LTC!

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