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worldcoinYes, yes, another Worldcoin article, I know. They should stop doing so many awesome things to be honest! But I don’t mean that,honestly. Anyway, we are all here to try and make some money, right? Some of us may trade (buy low, sell high, blabla), offer services (look, I drew you a cat!), or buy and/or sell (virtual) goods for coins.

Great stuff, community-wise, don’t get me wrong. But not all of us can do all, if any, of the above things in exchange for coins. Most of us still mine on a daily basis, trying tog et a return of income, or make profits. However, this may not even be profitable for most of us either. So what can we do to make more money, preferably passive income?

The answer to that is simple. Sell all your coins, deposit it to your bank, and get a lousy % interest rate once a year! No, no , I’m kidding, we shouldn’t do that at all. What you can do, is convert all your coins to Worldcoin. Unless you are already heavily invested into Worldcoin with everything you have, then you’re one step ahead of everyone else.

What if I told you that there is a promising way to earn interest on your Worldcoin? With your original investment amount guaranteed to be returned to you, plus any profits you make? Ah, I see I have your full attention now! Good good. By the way, have you heard of RapidBalls? No, not that dodgy porn site, the Lotto site? No? Sit down & pay attention then.

RapidBalls is a gambling site, of sorts. It offers several games, which you can play with either Bitcoin,Litecoin,Primecoin or Worldcoin. These games are all variants of a regular lotto game : Lotto (pick 5 numbers), Colors (pick the drawn ball’s colors), Totals (guess the range in which a number will be drawn), and Lucky (guess the range of the sum of the numbers combined).

All fun games, but how does it make us money? Well, RapidBalls will , for now, only allow Worldcoin holders to invest their funds. Basically, you invest to get a stake in RapidBalls’ Worldcoin earnings. The amount you invest, will get a certain percentage of 50% of RapidBalls’ earnings. Simple example : you invest 1000 WDC, which is 1/500th of the current cap, or 0.5%. This means you’ll get 0.5% of 50% of the earnings.

This may not look like much to you, and I can see some of you think “If I keep my coins in MCXNow, I’ll also get passive money!”. True, but I’ve tried RapidBalls’ investment program for myself, and the results far exceeded MCXNow. On MCXNow, I’ld get about 4 WDC interest in 24 hours, on RapidBalls over 15 WDC. That’s nearly FOUR times as much.

As the RapidBalls service grows more and more popular, there will of course be more earnings for shareholders. But as it stands right now, it’s the best passive income you will get as a Worldcoin holder. Unless something new and big comes up….But I’ll tell you more about that in a future article!

A word of advice from the author : Investing in any program, in real life or with virtual coins, is never risk-free. Do not invest more than you can afford to lose. Trade and invest wisely.
Links in reference to the article :

RapidBalls main url : http://www.rapidballs.eu
Worldcoin Invest url : http://wdc.rapidballs.eu/invest/


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