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worldcoinDear Monday, while you may still suck when I get up the morning, you are definitely growing on me week by week. This has nothing to do with the fact that I may or may not enjoy getting up in the mornings now, but it has everything to do with Worldcoin, Scharmbeck, and just the awesomeness that goes hand in hand with it.

Are you excited yet? No? Okay, let’s round up this Memorable Monday the, shall we?

First of all, Worldcoin’s value has exploded. We have seen peaks of 0.00016 bitcoin per Worldcoin, although things seem to have calmed down now around the 0.000135 mark. Still, it’s an increase in price, which is making my portfolio of coins look better and better without any involvement on my side.

Not that Worldcoin was the only coin hitting some good numbers today though. Primecoin, Digitalcoin, Securecoin, Megacoin and Anoncoin have all been climbing on the Coin Market Cap charts. In the event of Megacoin, Anoncoin, and Securecoin, this is most likely due to the fact they are now listed on BTC38, a Chinese exchange.

But who cares about anything besides Worldcoin? I, for one, do very much so. As you may have noticed, i’m also a Scharmbeck Fee Share owner. And what does Monday bring us? Yup, you got it right, a new round of interim dividend payments.

On this front, everything was above expectations. The interim dividend per share has increased by 50% compared to last week. Where the dividend per share was 0.00000978 on November 18th, the return has increased to 0.00001366 per share on November 25th.  As you can see, all goes well in the land of Scharmbeck Fee Shares.

So what will be in store tomorrow for Crypto enthusiasts? Will it be a Tenacious Tuesday? Or maybe a  Triple Tuesday? We can only await what the future brings us. But I’m definitely looking forward to it, as these are some of the most exciting times in the history of Cryptocurrency, and we should all be proud to be a part of this.

All we can hope to see is more coins being picked up by Chinese exchanges, as that definitely helps to grow awareness and increase the value. China certainly plays a key role in the future of Cryptocurrency in general. Funny how both China and Cryptocurrency start with a “C”, isn’t it?

Or maybe I’m just seeing things that aren’t there….

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